This Website is about different Microcontroller Projects, which i have created. It is still under construction and i will add my projects from time to time.

The Projects are mostly realised with ┬ÁC (Microcontrollers) of the ESP8266-12 and 12E Series, which provide a useful CPU-Frequency (80MHz). Also they are able to establish a Wifi Connection in Client and/or AccessPoint-Mode.
I used the Arduino IDE with the librarys, made for the ESP8266 Series by Ivan Grokhotkov. In my Code i use C and C++.

In future there will be some documentation about following projects:

  • Heat pipe controll system for a horse barn
  • Filling level meter for a heating oil tank
  • Alarm system
  • Delivery Notification Contact for a Poststation
  • WiFi-Scale

A little hint: The YouTuber Andreas Spiess makes really great videos about the ESP8266, ESP32 and general IoT stuff. Its allways worth to take a look at his channel!